Preparing for Success

Towards the sun

What should you do if you want to succeed in life? There are many possible answers but let’s consider one. Pay attention to your education. Yes, school is important but I’m talking about your own investment in your education. There are three little things you can begin to do almost everyday to prepare for success in 2019, and in life. They are: Read, Write, Speak.

  • Read: Read widely; read or at least try to read boring books (hint: a book on melting polar caps). You will begin to learn, know, and understand the world better and better.
  • Write: Write about what you read, hear, or watch; about daily life or some other experience. And do it regularly. Writing will help you verify if you really know or understand something. It will also help to shape your thinking because you’ll get to examine your thoughts clearly and see if they can get better. (Hint: They can)
  • Speak: Ask questions. Forget about looking stupid. Speak up in a meeting or in the classroom. You will begin to grow confident in your communication and people skills. Hey, not everyone is a natural talker but the most important things/events in life always require that you be able to speak and communicate well. Think interview, meetings, family, business negotiations, and so on.

So those three things. As you understand how more thing/s work, improve your communication skills, and develop your thinking through writing, you’ll find a confidence growing in yourself and soon opportunities to fulfill your dream and succeed in life will begin to show up one after the other as you progress in life.

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