How to Choose Your Career

Know yourself. What is your Personality? Interests? What is/are your dominant Attitude(s)? and What do you Value in life?

Know your habits / hobbies: What do you enjoy doing? Explore possible options. Gather information, read, listen to people, programmes on TV, watch… endure some boring interviews and documentaries(!) for a change.

Talk to people, professionals you can talk to around you.

Get involved. Volunteer, do casual jobs, internships whenever you find the opportunity.

Pray to God for direction, for guidance.

Seek to understand the problems in your environment / world. Q: what can I do to help?

Ask: what can I enjoy doing for the rest of time?

Chart a path: what do you need to be, to do, what or who do you need to get there?

Is there hope for financial reward? Can i get rewarded enough to tackle care of personal obligations and duties?

Why do I exist?

What/where do I see myself 10/20 years from today?

What do i really want?

Relax. Finding your ideal career is not an exact science, allow yourself room to switch tracks as you get to know more, as you progress.

Doctors become bakers

philosophers become software developers

Engineers become bankers

Footballers become lawyers and business men

Lawyers become artistes and politicians

The most important thing’s the sense of purpose/direction you achieve as things become clearer to you. Investigate, clarify, focus, make progress.

Finally, set aside time to assess your progress, maybe at the end or beginning of every month.

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