What is your passion?

pexels-photo-12312_dancers_at_studioWhat do I do with my life? The easy answer is usually a question: “What is your passion?” Singing, music, speaking, cars, children, books, gardening, cooking, computers: some will become careers or businesses one day. Others will not. But that was easy. How about people who find it difficult to identify a unique passion or they seem passionate about so many things at once?

I always took it for granted that everyone knew their passion, their true north, a natural path to follow in life for career or business until I met someone who was confused about hers. I gave her more work when I posed the passion-question. So here are my suggestions if you also seek to identify your passion:

1. Pray

God created you for a purpose and He is more than willing to help you understand this so that you may begin to prepare yourself for the work ahead. Your experience may be either of this: Like light increasing in its intensity, you may gradually become aware of your inclination toward a particular field. Or may be a sudden switch-on experience where you just suddenly realize what you should do after coming through an experience.

2. Engage in as many work or volunteer opportunities as you can

This is not confusion or a lack of focus, this is the prelude to finding what you want to focus on in life or for at least for a stretch of time.

3. Determine what you like

Exposure to those many different opportunities will give you an idea of what you enjoy doing or spending your time on. Make a list of the activities that you enjoyed the most. 

4. Weigh the cost

Are you willing to turn your desire or enjoyment into a skill? This is where you weigh the cost. Find out what kind of training or education you will require to become a master in that field. The Explore section here on this website as well as these resources will also help.

Know this: Discovering your passion -or your purpose- will lead you along the same glorious path. You will acquire a sense of urgency, meaning, and direction in life. You will find strength to endure the rigors of training and the certain difficulties on your journey to doing what you were meant to do here on earth. Turning your passion into a successful career or business is another matter, and we will discuss that in an upcoming post.

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