Are you struggling to understand who you are or what to do with your life? Wouldn't it be a huge blessing if you had someone guide you to discover your unique abilities and prepare for a successful career in life?

The Career Guide Project (TCGP) helps young people succeed by providing free career counselling services from secondary school to professional life. We'll help you discover what makes you unique - your personality, interests, aptitudes, and values and explore career options you should consider. We’ll also help you to build a study plan for success through secondary school to higher education. Because your success in life and career isn’t about school alone, you'll find information and resources here to prepare you for life, work or business.

What you get
This is what you get free, no games:

  1. Guidance to help you discover who you are
  2. Exploring career options you can excel in
  3. Planning a personal study system to help you through secondary school and higher education
  4. Guidance for vocational training, if required
  5. Resources to help you succeed in paid employment or as an entrepreneur

You get all these for free plus access to helpful information such as Choosing the Right Career, Mastering Complex Topics, How to Succeed when You Fail.
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How free is free?
Free means you don’t pay for any of the above services. These services are supported by sponsors, sales from relevant, useful resources which we’ll never trick you to buy, and specialised courses or services we’ll offer. More of that in the days ahead.

Ready to begin?
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We promise no copy-paste feedback, only thoughtful answers to help you succeed. Go ahead, what are you waiting for?